Our Community

We are convinced that innovation is all about learning, exploring, creating, building, experimenting together. We as IUNY want to provide the heart of this community. since we are a not-for-profit organisation we are able to fully focus on our ambition:

Our ambition
As a true community for innovation we want to enable individuals and organisations to grow, create and develop their innovations into new opportunities for the European Union.

We want to:

  • share our knowledge, network energy and effort to help others to: innovate, develop new ideas, to build a community and to promote the european mindset.
  • provide a community that enables people to reflect, spar, brainstorm and learn.
  • provide products and services that enable and stimulate people we would like to help the European Union people to move forward!
  • enable people to reflect and use creative thoughts to develop new ideas, and support them to move forward and innovate.

If you want to join us and enable us to grow so we can reach as many people and organisations in the EU as possible. We are motivated to help everyone to grow and learn to become more innovative.